Keeping Your Koi Pond Thriving in Summer: Essential Maintenance Tips

As the sun rises higher in the sky and temperatures soar, the beauty of a koi pond truly comes to life during the summer months. These enchanting creatures glide gracefully through the crystal-clear water, surrounded by vibrant aquatic plants. However, as the heat intensifies, so do the challenges in maintaining a healthy and thriving koi… Read more »

Winter Wellness for Your WNY Water Feature: A Guide to Maintenance

As winter descends upon WNY, and the temperatures drop, it’s essential to ensure the health and longevity of your water feature. Proper maintenance during the colder months is crucial to prevent damage and keep your aquatic oasis thriving come spring. Here’s a guide to help you navigate the winter care of your water feature in… Read more »

Embrace the Serenity: Enhancing Garden Walks with Water Features

If you’re someone who enjoys the tranquil escape of garden walks, then you already appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature. As you stroll through various landscapes, you might have noticed that the most captivating gardens often share a common element: water features. From gently flowing fountains to shimmering ponds, water features bring an enchanting… Read more »

Aquascape Academy

Day One: Meet and Greet I was in absolute awe of Aqualand and Aquascape Inc. form the moment I arrived! The sheer size of the building and support staff was unimaginable, but there I was represent Buffalo, NY. I found myself amongst many like minded owners who are the same stage in their business as… Read more »

Changes in Your Pond to Expect in Spring

Now that spring is almost here (thankfully!), you’re probably noticing some changes in your pond. Your fish are slowly coming back to life and you may even be able to see some plant growth. When you understand the transition that your pond makes from winter into spring, maintaining a healthy pond ecosystem will be so… Read more »

Keeping a Happy and Healthy Winter Pond

When the temperature starts to plummet, pond owners ask themselves how they can keep their pond running properly during the winter months. Follow these winter tips to keep your pond happy during the off season. Keep a hole in the ice: Once the temperature starts to drop below freezing, you will notice the surface of… Read more »

Natural Pond Waterfalls

September 2021 – Clarence, NY This was the first of its kind for us at Waterscapes of WNY. The homeowner had an existing spring fed pond that they used as a recreational area where they swam, boated, and played in the sand. The homeowner had created a sitting area underneath a pergola with a fire… Read more »

The Grove in Medina, NY

Before In early 2021 we had the opportunity to work with The Grove United Methodist Church to renovate their dilapidated water feature. We met with a few of the members of the congregation, who expressed their interest in bringing their water feature back to life. The feature was left untouched for years and quickly found… Read more »

Tips to Keep Pond Water Clean

1. Maintain a healthy fish population If you have more than 10” of fish for every 100 gallons of water, your pond is likely over-populated. Excessive fish waste can cause an imbalance in pond water. Consider finding some of them a new home. Many pond retailers and contractors will accept your fish. 2. Don’t over-feed… Read more »