Professional Pond Services in Clarence, NY

We build, service, and maintain water features of all shapes and sizes.

New Construction

Enjoy Your Own Personal Outdoor Oasis With A New Water Feature

Are you ever bored by your backyard? Or do you feel like it’s missing something important? It’s hard to feel at peace in your home when you feel like it’s incomplete.

You can fix this by installing a water feature! That boring, grassy area will spring to life. We pride ourselves in our ability to work alongside each customer to create a one of a kind water feature that is unique to their yard. We create beautiful koi ponds, pond-less waterfalls and fountains that fit naturally into the surrounding landscape.

Let’s turn your yard into a space you want to be in every day.

Repairs & Renovation

Give Your Pond The Proper Repair

Do you also hate when something you love breaks? You might see stagnant water, leaks, or a rising water bill. These are big red flags that your water feature needs repair. 

There are several different signs that something is wrong with your water feature. Out of control algae growth, wet spots around your water feature, and constantly dirty water—all point to a problem that needs repair. If something seems wrong with your water feature, it’s best to call in an expert to diagnose the problem.

The good news about water features is you can fix them up as good as new again. We’re here to repair your water feature and help you restore its beauty so you can enjoy your relaxing oasis worry-free.

We service a wide arrange of water features whether we created the feature or not. Our r services include leak diagnosis, reconstruction of waterfalls, re-stacking of walls, adding a waterfall or fountain to an existing feature, and full tear out and re-installation. Our service van is stocked with pond supplies for sale including chemicals, filter pads, leaf nets, and pumps. We also carry a variety of rock, fish, and plants.


Experience The Benefits Of A Well-Maintained Water Feature

Water features are just like anything else you own – you’ll enjoy it more by keeping it clean and well-maintained.

Our maintenance programs are customized to each water feature and each customers wants for their feature. Most include a Spring Cleaning and a Winter Closing. In order to keep your water feature in the best condition we also offer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly maintenance packages whereas we clean all filtration components and add necessary chemicals to eliminate all algae and dirty water.  We also offer mid-summer cleanings, water changes, and pond 101 consultations.

The best part is the peace of mind that comes with regularly maintaining your water feature. You and your family will have more time to relax without the pressure of having to clean your water feature regularly.

Let us keep your backyard oasis clear and beautiful.